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Are you a passionate photographer & Looking for extra income?

All Public Spaces is a network of passionate photographers and travelers around the world, discovering new and unique public places for a film shoots or events.

Where are the most amazing places for photography? Start hosting unique or public spaces!​

Τhink of a place that you’ve filmed before, or some of your friends have filmed before, list your favourite place for free and start earning!

be a location scout of public spaces

If you’re a person that likes to explore, get to know the community, and problem solve with a keen eye for all aspects of production – consider getting into location scouting!

Allpublicspaces is the world’s largest community for photo spots. The platform was founded on the idea of having a network of passionate travelers and photographers that are sharing the most beautiful places they have visited already with the exact geo-position so that others are able to find and use for film shoots or events.

Key things you should consider when becoming a location scout

  • You make your hobby a profession.
  • You share the same love and passion with others and earn an extra income.
  • You promote your area.
  • Location spaces can be used for any kind of tv, film, series productions up to digital creative content for social media, YouTube channel & TikTok or Events.
  • Every space is good enough, from road to bridge, fun park…you never know! Your space could be exactly what they are looking for next!

Payment and Fees

Spaceprk pays the location scout for the following services:

Visit and indication of the exact point of the selected space and the necessary permits from the local government and the police.

You will be able to have an income of 100€ up to 500€ per day.

Spaceprk take commission from the space:

Spaceprk collects 15% (+VAT) of the total booking value. There is no cost for listing your location on Spaceprk. 

If the daily rental rate is 1,500€ and you host a 3 day shoot – your subtotal will be 4,500€, and your final payout will be 3,825€-162€=3,663€. 

Net Payout Calculation: (Booking Fee x .85) + VAT (in booking fee) = Payout

This charge covers the use of our listing platform and professional services, and also covers the marketing & sales, services and insurance costs.

How do I get paid?

The final payout will be deposited into the preferred bank account or sent by check and is processed within 5 days of the start of the shoot.

Why Keep the Booking on spaceprk

  • More bookings through the site increases location visibility on SpaceprkAll Public Spaces Search.
  • We act as a third party in dispute resolution.
  • Security from fraudulent transactions.
  • Protection by our Terms of Service and Cancellation & Refund Policy.
Monument/ temple
Tourist Attraction
Fun Park
train station

For scouters, the rising popularity of on-location shoots represents a major income opportunity

Feel free to contact us  for more informations


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