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Spaceprk is an online marketplace that connects both professional and nonprofessional owners and guests to spaces. Our goal since launching in 2019 has been to make finding and booking short-term space an easy and transparent process experiences and meaningful events (Party/Concert, Wedding, Media/ Productions, Film/Video Shoots, Fashion Event/PhotoShooting, Workshop, Kids Party, Pop-up etc).

We enable space owners to bring motion to their spaces and monetize them. The result? A hyper lively urban scene where people can create unique experiences for their guests, brand followers, employees or group of friends, having access to a diverse range of places that were never visible to them before.

Spaces of all shapes, styles, and sizes do well on Spaceprk

Home, Apartment, Bar, Restaurant, Loft, Store, Gallery, Chalet, Office, Studio, Warehouse, Terrace, Garden, Land, Yacht, Car etc. 

Booking and Hosting Made Easy


Booking Forms

Make the booking process as easy as possible for your customers with a complete and clean online booking form that allows you to collect all the data needed to make a reservation.

Instant Booking

Guests simply choose their dates to book with you immediately. It doesn’t require any kind of approval from the host prior to booking if the chosen dates are available.

Booking Calendar

Keep your reservations organized in a friendly booking calendar interface. The calendar is fully responsive and looks great on any desktop or mobile device.


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